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A Collection of Fine Art from Florida Artist Qing Wang

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Our dear Qing, yes, yes, yes, we have hung your painting and enjoy it each morning and evening. We are getting back to our new normal of Sub zero temps and 12" of snow. Your print keeps us warm in many ways, memories and meeting you. 😊

Teresa Halstead Jeff Bryant Ames IA

"Today we met you at the Dunedin Art Festival and bought one of your beautiful prints (sailboats). You are extremely talented and we art proud to own one of your works".

Roger & Louise Crowley Dunedin FL

“I fell in love with Qing Wang’s art when I first saw it at a fair.  One work caught my eye right away.  “The Fairyland,” a painting on metal, depicts in alluring details and stunning colors an actual resort in the Caribbean.  It made me want to be there.  It now hangs in my bedroom.  When the morning light pours in, the painting comes to life.  I am there”.

Paul Critchlow Sarasota, FL

"I absolutely love love this beautiful artwork. It is absolutely perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Can’t wait for purchase my next piece"!

Lourdes & Hobby Sarasota FL

"I sat in my chair and just got lost in this picture today... So many different details to look at... But having sailed myself, I'm most captured by the feel of the water... The movement ... as well as the mirror... It's just an incredible work, your talent, is so obvious, and gentle... We see nature with a very similar eye... Only you can bring it to life"! 😊

Joseph Koch Sarasota FL

"We highly recommend working with Qing to anyone who considering to make their home beautiful"!

Joe & Kathleen Bradenton FL

Commisioned Art

Commissions Available upon Request