About Qing

Qing Wang began to sketching comics at 8 years old. At her age 15, she could paint billboards and mural. Her family didn’t support her for art college because they think this career is too difficult.  But she got a certificate of the Grade 7 examination  from Xinjiang Art Academy by self taught. 2006 Qing started work for three art galleries as full time artist. During that time her artworks has been sold to Australia, Korea, Russia, Arabia and US. 

2009 Qing immigrated to the United state. A short marriage made her to a single mother. She stopped paint for few years for a raise up her child. She moved from state to state but she never stabbed a dream of her art. 2016 Qing finally picked up her brush and restarted her art career at North Carolina US.

Qing love to paint everything beautiful she see but ocean and marine life is her favorite theme. She found out the best way to create fine beach painting is by resin pouring. She use sugar beach sands from Siesta Key Beach, seashells, hand made sea turtles and crystals to mix with resin. After many layers done in many days it comes out amazing 3D seascape artworks. The 3D ocean she created by resin is one of popular local arts in Sarasota FL. In last two year there are about 300 pieces of her resin artworks sold to all over the US. 

But Qing’s favorite medium is oil and acrylic. She is sensitive to both structure and color. She use slightly exaggerated technique to make the colors richer and brighter, and depict the true nature more artistic. She is also a perfectionist. None of her works are perfect to her. So she could work on a painting for two months. She is claiming hard to her goal to be come a great artist.

Through qing’s artworks, you would got impress to love nature what GOD gives, and love our life.

Qing has received many awards from local art exhibitions and international art competitions. 



   “Mona Lisa “ 

   Honorable Mention & Residents favorite  

   Fine Art League of Cary North Carolina 

   3rd Fabulous Fake Show


 “Warm snow” &” Back lighting”

 Special Merit

Light space & time online art gallery 

International  Botanicals Art Exhibition 


“Back lighting”

Cary Fine Art Annual art exhibition 

Honorable Mention 


“The Moose”

Special Merit

Light space & time online art gallery 

10th Annual animals online exhibition


“You are in my arms “    

First place

“Life is a glass of wine”

Honorable mention 

Art center Sarasota    

Common Ground peer juried art competition 


“It’s time to drink”

Tired place 

Warehouse Art Distract Association 

“Cocktail time” Art competition


“ A Diamond from heaven”

Art Center  Manatee 

Fishing the Diamond art competition

Honorable Mention